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My vision for vibrant communities

I grew up in Ward 4, my parents live in Ward 4, my nieces and nephews live and go to school in Ward 4. 

A vibrant community is where our children feel safe to play in the streets, where small businesses are resilient and thriving, and where we are making prudent and thoughtful investments for the future.

I will work for our community to create a vibrant community that will work for all. Read below for how I plan to bring this vision to life.

Vote for me on October 24 and let’s move ONWARD, together!

ONWARD4 Families

ONWARD4 Families

Families come in all shapes and sizes. As your Ward 4 Councillor, I will work for all families – from single parent (including fur children) homes to large intergenerational families to chosen families. We all need safe spaces to live, work and play. I will listen and engage families on the safety, security, and quality of life amenities we need to make Ward 4 thriving for families.

Aging Successfully

Connect with mental health and community resources to combat loneliness. Create opportunities to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle.

Neighborhood Amenities

Advocate for outdoor spaces where families can gather and have fun. Examples include winter activity spaces (like tobogganing hills) or a dog park for furry family members to socialize and have fun.

ONWARD4 Businesses

ONWARD4 Businesses

Build strong and resilient businesses coming out of the pandemic and for further growth. This includes finding solutions and paths forward by engaging with economic development teams and other business support organizations.

Financial Incentives and Resources

Connect small businesses to different financial institutions and enable access to government programs, incentives and funds, while also sharing new and exciting opportunities for small businesses to grow and thrive.

Business Supports

Leveraging my experience and connections to help small businesses navigate City Hall and help with making Hamilton more “open for business”. Small business ownership is hard, talking to City Hall shouldn’t be.

ONWARD4 Hamilton

ONWARD4 Hamilton

The next four years will see significant changes and investments in our City. Public transit, investments in infrastructure, affordable housing, job stability and security, and public health are all top of mind and will require collaboration and coordination to ensure that all of these areas are addressed. I will be your advocate at City Council to ensure that we are thinking ahead and future proofing our investments while also enabling transparency so our communities know where your tax dollars are being spent.

Public Transit

Champion for access to public transit, while exploring alternative modes of transportation and ensuring walkable streets.

Affordable Housing

Housing is a complex, cross-sectoral and multi-level government issue of our time. To bring forward solutions, I will be open-minded, innovative, and collaborative to solve this challenge. Working together with fellow council members and community groups, I want to find solutions that will work in Hamilton.

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