As a candidate, I’m often called upon to justify a stance or express my position on issues when knocking on doors and out speaking to community members in ward 4.

From housing to urban sprawl to transit, those issues are top of mind to many. But they are also complex.

I’ll be the first to admit: I don’t know everything at the top of mind.

When residents ask me about my platform and how I plan to deliver on my priorities, I draw on my personal experiences growing up in the ward, my years of experience working in economic development at City Hall and strong community connections.

I speak about my passion for entrepreneurship and small business resiliency.

I point out the opportunities and challenges that come with investments and development.

I acknowledge everyday concerns, such as traffic calming.

But when I don’t know the answer, I say so honestly and transparently. And I commit to doing research and closing the loop.

This is how I plan to show up as a councillor: as a common ground facilitator and communicator.

The job is to listen to our community, research and gather information, consult with stakeholders with lived experience and subject matter expertise, before making a decision. 

My goal is to be well-versed in these issues and to advocate at the council table for the ward and for Hamilton at large – and ultimately, motivate council to collectively work together.

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